Lust with a View

He walked through the glass door of their hotel room that led out to the balcony and the most breathtaking sight. A vast city scape that lit up from the glistening lights in the soft moonlight. The patio was a provision of the perfect amenity for their stay in the luxurious hotel suite. A thick wall branched off from each side of the patio, blocking their view from other hotel guests adjacent to their room in order to provide some privacy. Along the front was a glass half wall with gold bars surrounding each panel. A few lounge chairs rested along the side to provide a simple getaway from the bustling of life of the average hotel client. And finally, the “piece de resistance”: a crimson Jacuzzi already filled with warm water for the guests.

Chad looked over at the Jacuzzi to find his beloved girlfriend who tagged along for the trip. She was already nestled comfortably in the steaming water. A blonde, fairly fit woman dressed in a sky blue bikini, whose face gleamed when she saw Chad walk out onto the balcony in a pair of tight forest green trunks. She gestured her hands and splashed the water a little bit with her toes to invite him over. A smile crept along both of their faces, locking eye contact with one another for a brief moment.

“It’s not going to get any warmer.” She said with a wide grin. “Come on. I already opened up the champagne.”

A bottle of strawberry champagne sat on a small table within arm’s reach of the Jacuzzi, accompanied by a couple empty flutes sat on either side of the bottle waiting to be filled. Chad made his way over to the Jacuzzi to take his seat across from Alexis, slowly lowering himself into the water. He grabbed the champagne and filled both of their glasses then offered one to her and held up his own in a toast.

“To you, love.” He smiled.

“To me?” Alexis laughed softly behind her hand. “For what?”

“Does a man need a reason to sweet talk his woman?”

She couldn’t contain the grin that swept across her face. Gleaming toward him she said, “Makes me wonder what’s on your mind, Chad.”

Alexis stretched her leg out across the Jacuzzi, gently pressing her bare toes against his groin and rubbing it softly to tease his shaft. The feeling took him by surprise and nearly caused him to choke on his champagne as he was taking a sip as soon as her foot touched. Though he didn’t dislike it. The excitement of his cock pressed against her foot while he grinned wide at her. She moved gradually across the Jacuzzi and set the both of their flutes back on the table, then sat on his lap and wiggled her hips against his crotch while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Simply finding herself in a very comfortable spot. Her warm hands rested on the back of his neck while some of her fingers teased the back of his hair.

“I wonder… how much risk you really like… mister ‘poker player’.” She said softly just before leaning in to kiss his lips, biting his bottom lip gently and giving it a tug. “Think of how much trouble we could get in up here.”

“.. if we got caught.” He said, finishing her sentence and grinning. “IF…”

Chad leaned in to kiss her and slid his hands up her sides to the edge of her bikini top and grasped it between his thumbs and forefingers, slowly lifting it over her breasts to expose her nude chest. He broke the kiss for a moment to completely take the top off then locked lips passionately with her once again. His moves were confident. Forward. As if no one else in the world existed. Chad didn’t seem to be bothered by the thought of someone seeing them from a distance. His mind was consumed by the moment. By her touch. By his lips against hers.

Alexis rocked her hips back and forth on his lap, intentionally rubbing their groins together to fan the lustful flame within both of them. Their kiss lingered passionately for a short amount of time before it broke. Both of their breathing gradually increased, though as Chad slid his hand up to cup one of her breasts an involuntary gasp escaped her lips. Her hand quickly found its way to his and pressed his hand against her bare breast firmly. She closed her eyes to the touch of his lips against her neck, tilting her chin up to let him have free reign over the top of her chest. But Chad grew eager as time went on. He quickly made work of the rest of Alexis’ bathing suit and took off her bottom piece, then carelessly tossed it behind himself over his head. She would of course return the favor, mimicking his moves as she tossed his trunks over her head, and perhaps even off the balcony. They, however, were too distracted to notice where his garments would have gone.

She grabbed his face by both sides of his cheeks and dove in to kiss him some more, though this time was much more heated than previously. The breathing from their nostrils grew more and more intense as the night pressed on, teasing the skin of each other’s faces with soft wisps of their breath. Chad gripped her waist gently and shifted it around the water to line up with his shaft. He moved her body down on top of him, simultaneously sliding his cock into her slit quickly until it was all the way in. It was rough, but he knew she would like it in such a heated moment. She broke their kiss and leaned her forehead against his, taking a deep breath.

“Fuck…” She whispered against his lips then kissed him intensely for a quick moment. Her soft words passed over his lips once more. “Fuck me like nobody exists but us.”

Her hips gradually began to rock along his length, sliding her folds back and forth along his solid shaft. It was slow at first. Sensual, yet breath taking. Once their kissing resumed, however, it only fed more intensity into the moment.  Their lips moved together in tandem with one another’s. The sounds of smacking lips and heavy breathing filled the balcony air and as their pace increased, so did their subtle moaning. Chad slipped his hands behind the small of her back and pressed firmly with each thrust she made, helping her press against the resistance of the water.

Alexis broke the kiss and rested her cheek against his forehead, continuing to ride him hard with her eyes closed and captivated in the moment. Her moans grew louder, seemingly not caring about who was within earshot of a distance from them.

“Just… like… that….”

Her words were broken up with gradual panting in the heat of their lustful exchange. She would quickly lean in to give him another firm kiss then slid off of his cock to change positions. Grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the other side of the Jacuzzi, Alexis turned around to face the ledge and placed her elbows on the Jacuzzi walls. Her backside arched upward and out of the water in display for him, and she quickly invited him to take her with a lustful wink over her shoulder.

Chad gripped the side of her waist firmly and stood up out of the water. He guided his shaft back into her slit and thrusted it back and forth quickly, not wanting wasting any time. The steam of the Jacuzzi caused their skin to perspire with sweat in their intimacy. But it wouldn’t slow him down from claiming Alexis as his own. With the extravagant view of the city in front of them, Chad moved his hips quickly, sliding his length in and out of her lips and slapping his thighs against hers with a loud clap at the end of each thrust. Both of their eyes closed, a combination of heavy breathing and soft moans filled the air. Alexis quickly leaned in and bit one of her forearms as her orgasm hit her, overwhelming every inch of her body and forcing out muffled screams.  Her hips worked in tandem with Chad’s and clinched his cock tightly within her walls. His grip only tightened at the sound of her orgasm, firmly holding onto her waist. He quickly gave her ass a firm slap then leaned over her and rested a hand on the ledge of the Jacuzzi next to her arms. A strong wave of ecstasy pulsed through his veins from an orgasm of his own, causing his eyes to roll back slightly while a series of deep groans bellowed into the moonlight.

“S-shit…” He panted trying to catch his breath, leaning his forehead against her moist back and breathing heavily against her skin. Though his humor wasn’t lost one bit. The man bit the back of her shoulder, then gave her ass another firm slap. “If anyone took pictures I hope their nice enough to send us copies.” Chad kissed the middle of her back and chuckled. “Next time we can try the park. Might actually draw a crowd.”