It was later in the evening with a gentle storm rolling over the city. Nicole was home alone after a long, stressful day at the office. Kissing client’s asses. Arguing with the boss. These things were typical of her line of work. However, this day was even more stressful than most. A write-up from a large overlook on some financial sheets led to a bitter exchange with her supervisor. Followed by a two-day, unpaid suspension.

A hurricane of feelings swirled through her mind since leaving the office this afternoon. Nicole wanted to do anything she could to just forget the day. Put it behind her. Learn from her mistakes and keep pressing forward. But as much as she tried it ate away at her. The disappointment and embarrassment she felt lingered, which took an emotional toll. She attempted to curb her disappointment with a bottle of red wine, though she wasn’t much of a drinker most days. A glass of wine with a nice dinner was all she typically enjoyed. Occasionally, if she went out with friends, she would order herself a cocktail, usually something fruity with vodka or tequila. Tonight, however, she had no intention of holding back. Pouring herself a glass of red wine to start the night off while she finished up some work around the house. Then a second. And finally a third glass before giving up on the plan to drown her emotions away with alcohol.

Nicole crawled into bed and stared blankly at the ceiling, occasionally looking at the time and impatiently waiting for her husband to get home. She missed him now more than ever. The comfort of his warm embrace would make the pain go away. At least, that’s what she was convinced of. She knew he wouldn’t be home for quite some time, however. Company projects often required him to work late hours, and the chance of him being home at seven o’clock this evening was slim-to-none.

She didn’t have any interest in waiting a couple of hours for him to finally get home. Instead she caved to her own desires and settled for the best she could possibly do. A short indulgence into some erotica and self-pleasure. In her mind, it was better than nothing. And allowing her shitty day to continue eating away at her wasn’t doing her any good. Nicole knew she’d be better off taking matters into her own hands.

She took her shirt and jeans off and laid them onto the floor near the bed, keeping her bra and panties on. Then dug for her cellphone in her jean pockets and quickly opened up her web browser to her favorite website. It wasn’t a popular one, but it boasted in specializing in pornography for women. It typically didn’t fail at putting her in a better mood, by any means. And she knew just the video to watch on this particular night. Something she knew would get her off quick.

Without hesitation she slipped her hand into her panties and began to work her fingers along her wet folds. She breathed heavily to encourage her orgasm. Her eyes locked firmly on the screen as if it was the only thing in the room. Her imagination was completely captivated by the moaning in the video, exciting her nipples without the help of the soft touch from her finger tips.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened giving her a shock. Josh, who had come home from work early, walked through the door with a curious expression on his face, having heard the subtle sounds of moaning from the living room. She was completely oblivious to his presence in the house, causing her to drop the phone onto her chest in a panic.

“H-hey.. you’re home already?” She said nervously while she tried to hide the fact that she was watching porn.

Josh responded with a simple nod before looking over her nearly nude body. He knew what she was up to, though he didn’t seem to be bothered by the idea. In fact, his reaction was the opposite of what Nicole imagined it would be.

“No need to stop.” He said softly. “Here…”

He set his tie and suit jacket down on the dresser then kicked his shoes off. Nicole watched curiously while he crawled onto the bed with her. Josh reached for her cellphone and placed it back into her hand to display to her once more, then reached over and started the video again. This time instead of Nicole pleasuring herself, he had other plans in mind, made obvious by the smirk that overwhelmed his lips while he looked up at her.

Josh shifted himself to lay in between Nicole’s legs, nudging them a bit to spread them apart further for him. He kissed along the inside of her thighs slowly in a trail from her knees up to her groin. His fingers ran across her panties just outside her slit. Then, he grabbed the elastic that clung to her waist and gently slid them down her legs to take them off completely, exposing her nude slit to him.  She was awestruck. Her focus was unaware of the porn on her phone for the time being. Her breath had simply been taken away by his actions.

As his head leaned into her groin, Nicole’s heart raced. She felt far more appreciated than she could have imagined. Like a queen who’s worked far too hard for her own good.  Her eyes watched Josh start to slowly kiss along her clit, only trying to warm up her mood for everything he had in mind. She subconsciously bit her bottom lip at him, then laid on her back again and turned her attention back to her screen.

The erotic sounds of the film filled the room while Josh started to move more aggressively against her folds. His lips pressed firmly against her clit, kissing it a few times then sucking. His forefinger slid across the length of her folds gently before slipping into her moist walls. Her slit was teased further by Josh’s tongue, which flicked softly through her slit and slid across the length. His touch caused her to tilt her head back and gasp in a deep breath. Her concentration faded, seemingly consumed by the feeling of his lips against her moist lips.

“Oh, Josh…” She whispered as she ran her fingers through his long, dark hair.

His eyes looked up at her for a brief second to watch her reactions. Her breathing grew heavier in between the soft moans that escaped her vocals. Her eyes still remained on the screen but would occasionally close to every intense feeling of bliss that peaked through her body. Josh slid his hand up to grasp one of her breasts. His finger teased her erect nipple with a few passing motions and gently sliding in small circles around it. Nicole’s hand embraced his, holding it firmly against her breast and left nearly breathless by his warmth.

“Don’t stop…”

She murmured while setting her phone aside. Her climax continued to inch closer and closer with each movement of Josh’s tongue within her folds. He was more assertive than before: sucking firmly then gliding his tongue across her slit. Josh didn’t hold back. Something inside of him encouraged him to squeeze every ounce of orgasm out of her.  He sucked her clit once more then slid his middle finger into her walls. Nicole gave a final gasp before her climax hit. She moaned loudly as her orgasm came rushing through her body. Her head swung back onto the pillow and her hands ran through her own hair.

“Oh, Fuck! .. Josh!” She exclaimed in the middle of her climax.


His finger slid in and out of her walls quickly to push every moan out of her while his tongue swirled across her clit rapidly. She gripped her hair tighter with every additional moan, then smiled wide while she panted for breath. She now felt at peace with the day’s events. Calm and relaxed. Though her emotions ran wild from the way Josh treated her.

She looked down at him and ran her hand through his hair once more with a warm smile on her face. Her hands wrapped around his collar and pulled him up to lean over her and gave him a firm kiss on the lips, not really caring about where his lips had been. She smacked his firm ass playfully then pushed him over, rolling with him onto his back. Her lips kissed along the center of his neck and down to the middle of his chest. Josh took a deep breath and closed his eyes, then suddenly felt a tug at his belt from Nicole’s grip. He looked down at her with a brow raised.

“Your turn.” She said with a smile, as she slid further down his body and fished his cock out of his pants.