Sexual Tensions

Mark walked into the hotel room just behind Tiffany, a bombshell blonde that he picked up down at the lounge bar and managed to buy a few drinks for. They were both dressed up quite extravagantly, which wasn’t uncommon for the clients of this particular hotel. She wore a black cocktail dress that hugged her chest tightly to expose an unashamedly amount of immodest cleavage. He wore a pair of navy blue dress slacks and a vest to match that sat over a crisp white dress shirt.

The hotel room door shut behind him, and out of nowhere like an intense rush of untamed anticipation, Tiffany flung her arms around Mark’s neck and kissed him passionately. Their lips moved in a quick rhythm with one anothers in a series of deep, lustful kisses. Their breathing grew heavier in between each kiss. The moment became more intense with each second, clearly filled with sexual tension built up from their flirtatious banter in the bar.

Mark reached his hands up to grab her ass and lift her into the air. She wrapped his legs tightly around his waist and kept her lips moving aggressively with his. They turned so that she was back against the wall, knocking a picture off the wall as they ran against it, though both of them were to distracted to care. Mark broke away from the kiss and started to kiss her neck with vigor, causing her sighs to grow louder from the firm, passionate touch of his lips against her skin. She closed her eyes and hugged him tightly, embracing his warmth against her body.

Her heart was racing with desire. She grew impatient for his cock and pushed herself away from Mark just enough to reach down and unlatch his belt and pants, then opened up the front flaps to expose his groin. Her hand reached into the small opening in the front of his briefs and pulled out his erect cock, stroking it gently and teasing the crown with her dainty finger tips. She pushed his pants further down his thighs and lifted her dress up a little more to provide easy access to her own folds, then kissed Mark heatedly once more. His hand made quick eager work of her thong, not bothering to take it off but pull it aside just enough to expose her slit. In a blink Tiffany found herself pinned against the wall again, and before she could even catch her breath she felt his thick cock slide into her folds.


“.. Oh.. f-fuck!…” Tiffany exclaimed as she broke the kiss for a very brief moment trying to compose herself. She leaned in to kiss him passionately again and rested her palm on the back of his neck, firmly holding his head against hers. Mark continued to thrust his shaft into her with a sense of urgency. His hips shifted back and forth quickly and slapped their skin together with each movement. He reached his hand up and pulled one of the strings off her shoulders and slid it down to expose her breast. His hand glided over to cup it firmly while he continued to drive into her with eagerness. His breathing grew heavier while beads of sweat began to form over his forehead.

Mark pulled himself out of her and allowed Tiffany to stand back on the floor. He quickly reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her head to take it off.  Tiffany returned the favor by unlatching his vest quickly and tossing it aside, then lifting his shirt over his head to expose his muscular form. She grabbed his wrist and started to pull him towards the bed, both of them only wearing the little underwear that covered their groins. The cocktail dress, however, caught Tiffany’s foot as she walked by it, causing her to stumble drunkenly onto the floor and land on all fours. She looked back at him with a grin on her face and wiggled her ass invitingly.

He dropped down to his knees and scooted himself closer to her, attempting to continue their indulgence from behind. But before he could grab her she quickly turned around and tackled him onto his back, forcing herself to lay on top of him. Their lips met again to kiss each other aggressively. Her legs spread wide as she straddled his crotch then wiggled herself back onto his shaft. She started to slide her folds up and down along his length… slow and gentle at first, but he quickly gave a playful slap against her ass and that sent her emotions running wild.

The slap spurred her on to ride him harder. Sending out the clapping sounds of their bodies slapping against each other with each downward thrust. Tiffany quickly sat up straight and cupped both of her breasts firmly. Her hands slid up into her hair and pulled her strands tightly over her head. Mark’s shaft was clinched tight by her walls while her moans echoed through the room. Then suddenly, her body tensed up as her orgasm came rushing through her like a storm.

“Yes.. Yes…” She screamed out in excitement, straddling his shaft quickly and pushing out every orgasm she had inside of her. “Fuck!”

Tiffany leaned over Mark and kissed him on the lips with a brief peck. She was seemingly out of breath, but she hadn’t forgotten about his need to release. Her folds released their grip from his shaft and she slid herself down to lay over his legs. Her hand gripped his length and she let her tongue swirl around his crown for a moment before sliding her lips over it and then all the way down to the base. She slowly moved her lips back and forth across his entire length, sucking him off hard. Her hand trailed behind her lips with a firm grip to help encourage his orgasm.

She went back to teasing his crown, swirling her tongue around it once again then firmly sucking on the tip of his cock. Her hand started to stroke his length. Faster and faster with each second.  Then suddenly his orgasm hit, releasing his substance into her. Mark groaned deeply and curled his legs a little bit to the feeling of ecstasy that overwhelmed his body. He panted some to catch his breath then reached over to grab his shirt off the floor and wipe the sweat from his brow.


Promotion Celebration

He opened the door to his condominium with a grin on his face. In his hand was a small box and a bottle of champagne that he picked up from the local store. Tonight was a rather special night in his mind. He was returning from work with his thoughts consumed by the promotion he just received at work. This called for a celebration, and he wasn’t very shy about spending a great deal of his bonus on his fiancé as part of that achievement.  The man walked into the living room that was adorned with some simple pieces of artwork, green shrubbery, and modern-style furniture that matched the long tan drapes that were wrapped up on either side of the window.  The view from his living room was nothing short of spectacular. A gorgeous city landscape that now glistened from the lights of the bustling city activity that basked in the pale blue moonlight.

Grayson progressed further while closing the door behind him, then scanned quickly over the room to find his red headed fiancé lounging on one of the couches while reading one of her romance novels. His steps across the room were slow and quiet, progressing further and further towards her. The woman was completely consumed by the content of her book that she didn’t even notice his presence until he stood directly in front of her and bent in to sneak a very brief kiss from her. He smiled against her lips then slipped the small box onto her lap.

“For you, hun. A little celebration gift.”

Her eyes widened at him for a moment then glanced toward the box before she slowly opened it. Inside was a sparkling gold necklace adorned with several emerald studs of various sizes across the front, forcing a gasp to escape from her while she flicked her attention back to Grayson.

“What do you mean?” She giggled for a moment with her gaze locked onto his eyes. Her face gleamed from the excitement. “What are we celebrating?”

He loosened up his yellow tie and draped it over the back of the beige love seat, simply winding down from a long day at the office. “I got promoted at work. You’re looking at the new face of marketing for the company.”

He spoke in a proud tone as a grin swept across his lips. Watching over her facial expressions and taking note of her reaction toward everything he had to offer: The news, the necklace, and the bottle of champagne that would let off a loud popping sound as he pressed the cork off with the force from his thumb.  Grayson made a quick walk to the kitchen and back with a couple of empty champagne flutes, then filled each one with the opulent, bubbly white wine. His hand stretched out to offer her a glass with a smile, which she would take and return a smile of her own.  Rebecca took a drink from her flute then stood up from the couch and wrapped one of her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a firm kiss, lingering in for a moment then whispered against his lips.

“I know a way we can celebrate.” She said softly then bit his lower lip gently and pulled it back in a seductive manner. “You seem so tense. I think you’ve been working a little too hard lately.”

Grayson smirked at her comments then set his glass down on the end table next to him. He peered into her eyes with a look of desire, then whispered against her neck before kissing it. “Maybe you could teach me how to relax.”

He laughed under his breath then slowly kissed her neck under her jawline, wrapping one of his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him so their chests were touching. Rebecca ran her hands across Grayson’s chest then over his shoulders and gradually pushed his suit jacket off his torso and down to the floor to expose his white dress shirt underneath. She tilted her head a bit as he continued to kiss along her neck slowly, then untucked his dress shirt from his navy blue slacks before loosening up the buttons.  The shirt was tossed next to his suit jacket before they embrace once more, wrapping their arms around each other tightly then meeting their lips together for another kiss, moving them in tandem with each other in a lustful dance. His bare, goose-bump filled chest glowed lightly from the dim lamps that filled the living room. Grayson’s hands gently slid across the small of her back then down across her waist to grab the bottom of her t-shirt that she was wearing, giving it a light tug to slowly move it up over her chest, then over her head to display her bare breasts adorned with her excited nipples, along with her black laced panties that she was hiding underneath the length of her shirt.

He gradually moved her back onto the couch as their kissing continued. Their bare chests still clinging to one another, though Grayson’s hand would make every effort to take advantage of the moment and softly caress her breast with his hand. His thumb rubbed across her nipple to excite it even further, causing Rebecca to moan quietly against his lips in the heat of the moment.  His hand moved from her breast to the end table just behind Rebecca to press a button on a remote that turned on the stereo, sending waves of soft, sensual music echoing against the living room walls to add to the evening’s ambiance. Rebecca smiled wide just as she started to loosen up his belt quickly, then unbuttoned his pants enough to release their grip from his waist. Her knees bent to grip his slacks with her heels and wiggle his pants down his thighs to expose his boxers underneath, bulging in the front from his own lustful excitement.

The speed of their kissing increased from their shared desire for one another. As each second moved on their passion only intensified, overwhelming them both with anticipation that was made evident by the firm fast kisses and the heavy breathing against one another’s lips. Grayson slipped his hands down to her panties to slip them off aggressively, carelessly tossing them behind him onto the stereo. She wouldn’t hesitate to work his own boxers with her feet, pushing them down his thighs just enough to release their tension on his shaft and allow it to fling free, displaying his full length which he wouldn’t resist rubbing along her folds to tempt her further.  His hands slipped behind her waist before he grabbed his cock to guide it in, pumping it back and forth slowly and gently. His knees sat on the floor on the side of the couch, with his torso arched over Rebecca. Before long their passion grew intense once more, causing Grayson to move his shaft in and out of her walls briskly.

They broke their kiss finally as Rebecca dug her fingers into his back and let out a few sighs against his bare neck, soaking in the feeling of his length thrusting within her walls that clinched every inch of it. Her legs wrapped around Grayson’s waist as he moved his hips back and forth, kissing her neck once more and digging his fingers into the couch cushion. The man’s hands glided across Rebecca’s arms and moved them back over her head, gripping her wrists firmly and pinning them back onto the small pillow that her head rested on. The redhead let out a deep moan, closing her eyes and consumed by their passion. His cock sliding against her folds forcing her to breath heavier while Grayson continued to plant kisses along her neck line, then moved to lock lips with her once again.

Grayson gripped her waist firmly and twisted the both of them around so that he would be laying on his back on the floor. His cock remaining in her the whole time, she was now leaning over him and straddling his crotch.  Rebecca began to move her hips up and down to slide back and forth against his length, arching her back enough to steal a quick kiss. She sat up straight and rode him hard, moaning with every thrust down against his cock and letting out a clapping sound from her ass clapping against his thighs. Rebecca ran her fingers through her ginger hair, pulling some strands firmly above her head and flexing her breasts slightly.  Her actions only encouraged Grayson, spurring him to dig his heals into the carpet and moved his hips in sync with hers, gripping her waist firmly and letting out a few heavy sighs of his own into the room that was permeated with the smell of sweat and sex. He watched her face as he thrusted into her folds, then grinned wide as Rebecca uncontrollably moaned louder as intense waves of her orgasm crashed with her, causing her to roll her eyes back while she quickly moved her hips up and down against his cock.

Rebecca leaned over Grayson once more, running her fingers through his hair then softly kissed his lips. She slipped herself off of him and slid herself down a bit so her breasts were on top of his waist. Gripping his cock firmly then slowly stroking it and kissing his chest a few times with her gaze fixed on his facial expressions. Her pace increased to jerk him hard while she pointed his shaft toward her breasts, watching his face that reflected his own orgasm. Grayson let out a few deep sighs of his own just as he came, breathing heavily and releasing strings of sperm onto her breasts. Their eyes met each other’s once more with a wide grin over each of their faces. Both overwhelmed by the pleasure they shared. Both deeply satisfied from their lustful passion toward one another.